AISI H13 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate, DIN 1.2344, JIS SKD61

H13 steel is the most representative hot-working tool steel which was used widely. Such as molds for extrusion and metal die-casting molds. It also is called DIN 1.2344 and JIS SKD61 steel. H13 steel round bar sheet plate heat treatment requirements are very strict. The great annealing processing would improve the performance of steel.


H13 is a Hot work tool steel with 5% chromium. Its high impact strength protects against cleavage cracking and is easy to machine. This steel is designed to retain hardness at elevated temperatures and withstand the effects of alternate heating cooling.

Carbon 0.40
Chromium 5.25
Vanadium 1.05
Molybdenum 1.25
Silicon 1.00
Manganese 0.40


What Is H13 Tool Steel Used For?

H13 is widely used for aluminum and zinc casting dies, as well as for aluminum extrusion, aluminum die casting and press tooling. This grade is ideal for a range of hot work and cold work applications—particularly hot work applications where drastic cooling is required throughout its operation. In addition, H13 is abundantly used in hot work applications where high red hardness and resistance to cracking is vital.

Heat Treatment

This is the process of heating metal to an elevated temperature to obtain a change in properties of the metallurgical structure. The heat treatment for H13 is as follows:

Forging Annealing Preheating Hardening Tempering
1900-1500°F 1500-1550°F 1400-1500°F 1825-1900°F 950-1150°F


How Do You Temper H13 Tool Steel?

For hot work applications, it is suggested to temper H13 at a minimum of 50 degrees above the expected maximum operating temperature. In instances where heat checking can be an issue, a double temper can be applied—in which the second temper should be 25-50 degrees less than the first.

What is the Hardness of H13 Tool Steel?

Hardness tests determine the various properties of a specific metal, which includes its resistance to wear, toughness, and formability. Two widely used tests are Rockwell C and Brinell. Rockwell C is measured in the unit HRC, which is the measurement used below.


As hardened 950°F 1000°F 1050°F 1100°F 1150°F
56-57 55-56 54-55 51-53 44-46 38-40


Southern Tool Steel stocks H13 in the following:

  • Decarb Free*: Rounds and Plate

*Decarb Free is material that has been ground top and bottom and is oversized to finish on the thickness or diameter. (Thickness or diameter oversize approx +.015 to +.030. Thinner material, less than 1 inch, could have more stock on the thickness. Width oversize approx +.030 to +.090, depending on the vendor.)



H13 Steel Grade Equivalent Chart

Country USA Germany/UK/France JAPAN ISO
Standard ASTM A681-08
Alloy Tool Steel
EN ISO 4957:1999
Tool Steel
JIS G4404: 2006
Alloy Tool Steel
ISO 4957: 1999
Tool Steel
Grades H13(T20813) X40CrMoV5-1/1.2344 SKD61 X40CrMoV5-1

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