Steel Processing

Steel Produce Process

Songshun Steel Co Ltd supplies a wide range of forged, hot rolled, cold rolled, cold drawn and cast steel materials. We have lots of stock materials for fast delivery

Steel Chemical Analysis

It is very important for tool steel and alloy steel that chemical composition analysis. We are equipped with Japan’s Olympus brand spectrometer, XRF Analyzer. We check the chemical composition each heat to ensure the materials is with top quality in chemical composition.

Steel Heat Treat

Steel needs to be heat treated differently because of customers require different steels, chemical compositions, industrial requirements, and so on.
We provide different steel round bar, flat bar, steel plate, steel sheets, steel rods with various heat treatments condition for your industrial uses:Quenching-Q; Normalizing-N; Tempering-T; Annealing-A

Roughing & Finishing

Refers to products made by simple processing or the primary processing of raw materials. In machinery, rough-processed products generally refer to products that efficiently remove most of the remaining amount and make the benchmark for subsequent processing.


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